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15 Jul

How BNPL is helping Employees manage their Healthcare Expenses | Qube Health

A product based on the no cost EMI concept named 'healthcare now and pay later' from QubeHealth, a fintech-cum-healthtech company, is being subscribed by several corporate companies. Here's how it works. India Inc. is increasingly looking at payment products to cover out of pocket expenditure (OoPE) on healthcare in addition to their group health insurance policies. A product based on the no cost EMI concept named 'healthcare...
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10 Mar

Healthcare now, pay later: A new way for India

Most Indians will defer healthcare treatment due to a lack of financial means to pay for care. Embedded Finance can change this scenario. Embedded finance, also sometimes known as ‘embedded banking’ or ‘embedded credit’, is the seamless integration of financial services products into a transaction equation, between a payer and the provider or merchant. Using an embedded finance infrastructure — integrating banks and lenders, with the retailers, merchants,...
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8 Dec

Reducing ‘Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses’ through Embedded Finance

qubehealth.Healthcare financing
QubeHealth bridges the gap between what an Indian pays for their healthcare and what their health insurance actually covers. Indians spend $45 billion every year on Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OoPE) medical expenses. This is one of the largest healthcare spends in the World. The reason being employer led group insurance policy doesn’t cover many large medical expenses. Medical insurance in general doesn’t cover medical costs like OPD...
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2 Nov

Changing How India Pays For Healthcare

We need to change the way we pay for our healthcare and bridge the gap between what our health insurance pays for and our family’s actual healthcare expenses. A 2019 report by CRISIL and ICICI stated that Consumer Loans in India may hit nearly $1.3 trillion in size by FY24. A consumer loan is a type of loan or credit provided to an individual on a...
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22 Oct

The case for Embedded Finance in Healthcare

This article was written in collaboration with FinBox, a B2B FinTech that specializes in Embedded Finance and enables lending to MSMEs. Follow them on LinkedIn here. In India, out-of-pocket expenses account for about 62.6% of total health expenditure - one of the highest in the world. 3 out of 4 Indians do not have health insurance, and for those who do, the terms and conditions are often not clear. For...
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18 Oct

Health Data: Tracking, managing, and improving lives

Chris George, Co-Founder & CEO, QubeHealth shares his views on digital healthcare The pandemic has been a powerful catalyst in driving innovations in healthcare. From telehealth, to remote healthcare management through smart devices and more. Health IT adoption skyrocketed post-pandemic as patients, hospitals, and healthcare systems increasingly relied on digital health technologies for healthcare access and delivery, setting the stage for exponential growth and innovation in...
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8 Oct

Fin-Tech for Health-Tech; Changing how we pay for healthcare

Fin-Tech for Health-Tech
There have been enough comments and written papers, about the idea of ‘digital health’ and how providing virtual care in this environment of restrictions on personal interactions, has forced patients and doctors to adopt methods of remote consultations and other aspects of ‘tele-health’. This is all true. However, the word I have used above is “effectively” change The pandemic has been an unlikely catalyst across industries....
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23 Sep

QubeHealth, Nova partner to start full coverage employee health benefits product

QubeHealth, an embedded-finance, and health tech company on Tuesday announced to partner with Bengaluru-based employee wellness startup Nova Benefits for launching a full-coverage, employee health benefits product that combines 0% pre-approved healthcare financing, health insurance, and a healthcare marketplace for Indian corporates and their employees. The combination of 0% financing with health insurance takes aim at the massive out-of-pocket expenditure (OoPE) spends on healthcare by Indians...
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27 Aug

Top 5 Trends in Health Tech in 2021

Chris George, an alumnus of New York University and St. Mary’s University, Texas, is a serial entrepreneur with an experience ranging over two decades. In 2001, Chris launched EasyBuyMusic (EBM), funded by ICICI Ventures & News Corp, a pioneering e-commerce player that truly ushered in the online revolution in India & later morphed into the EBS Worldwide Group. A technology, marketing, scalability & execution veteran, he’s...
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23 Aug

QubeHealth to launch interest-free, pre-approved healthcare credit card

QubeHealth's pre-approved interest-free credit facility will be available to employed Indians to pay for any healthcare expenses for themselves and their family members across 11,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health service providers in India QubeHealth, a health tech company focused on mitigating Out-of-Pocket-Expenditure (OoPE), has partnered with OboPay, a global mobile payment solutions company, to launch a 0% interest, collateral-free, pre-approved healthcare credit card for...
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